Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beer Review: Victory Prima Pils
The main focus of my blog is all things Washington beer related, but I had to make an exception for this beer. Victory brewing is located in Dowington, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philly and have been producing quality beers since 1996. Their Prima Pils is one of the best American, no one of the best Pilsners, period. When poured into a glass it has a soft yellow glow, the color of Chamomile tea. The carbonation was a little better on the draft version, but the bottles still maintained a respectable lace running down the glass. Victory uses all whole flower hops, as opposed to the pelletized concentrated hops that most breweries use. The Pils contains all four of the Noble hops, Hallertau, Tettnang, Spalt, and Saaz to give a nice floral hop flavor, with hints of fresh straw, slightly grassy, and a crisp pristinely clean finish. The big American breweries have given this style a bad rap by carelessly tossing around the Pilsner name in their ads, but Victory is doing their part to restore the good name of this style. It's everything a classic Pils should be, and more. Perfect for your next summber BBQ!


  1. Hey Tim! Funny, we just took this off the menu at my job because they found the shelf life in the bottle lasted two weeks. Did we get started out with a bad batch? Dammit, and to find out we actually had a quality beer lying around in our fridges next to the kegs of stupid Sam Adams...

  2. Nice to see you blogging about some Beers Mr. Tim.